DASD147 3ASC485514E19 Thyristor ABB US/UK/Sweden Original

DASD147 3ASC485514E19 Thyristor ABB US/UK/Sweden Original

DASD147 3ASC485514E19 Thyristor ABB

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    DASD147 3ASC485514E19
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    T/T, Western Union, Credit Card
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    Xiamen, China
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    1-3 Days
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    Brand New And Original
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    1 Year
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DASD147 3ASC485514E19 Thyristor ABB


The DASD147 3ASC485514E19 is a high-performance and versatile DSP module that is well-suited for a variety of applications in the process control industry.

Here are some of the key features of the ABB DASD147 3ASC485514E19:

32-bit floating-point DSP
Clock speed of 200 MHz
256 MB of RAM
32 MB of flash memory
Multiple communication interfaces
I/O expansion capabilities

Product Net Weight:0.45 kg


Dcs800xa distributed control system
S800 I / O series
S900 I / O series (discontinued)
OCS / 800xA open control system
Bailey-infi90 / Bailey net 90 Bailey series
Dsqc series industrial robot spare parts
Dsqc 679 teach pendant

About us:

We are a supplier of spare parts for industrial automation. We specialize in selling PLC module, DCS card, ESD system card, vibration monitoring system card, turbine control system module and gas generator spare parts, and have established a cooperative relationship with the world-famous PLC DCS product maintenance service provider.

Controllers P/N:

DSPC170 DSMB151 DSPC360A 57310001-DF
DSMB171 DSAV111 DSDI301 57160001-DF/2
DSMB176 DSRF150 57310255-A DSDO301 57160001-CC/1
DSCS140 DSBB102 57310256-A/1 DSTC130 57510001-A/2
DSCA125 DSPC171 DSPC360A 57310001-DB
DSDI110 DSMB175 DSDI301 57160001-DF/2
DSDO110 DSBB110 DSDO301 57160001-CC/1
DSBC170 DSMC120 ZMP121*2.2/1 7610100-FB
DSRF170 57310255-AC DSMC112 3BHE028761R1001 GDC806A1001
DSSR122 48990001-NK DSMD113 DP820
DSTK150 26390603-A DSMD122 DO810
DSSR116 DSRA110 21660559-H DI810
DSPC155 DSRC112 52820083-GD 07KT98
DSMB144 DSRC113 52820083-LF NTDI02
DSMB133 DSPC365A 57310001-DF IMHSS03
DSCA114 DSAI301 57120001-CB/2 AI810
DSAI110 DSDO301 57160001-CC/1 SD821
DSAO110 ZMP141*2.2/1 7610100-FD PM861AK01
DSRF154 57310255-F DSTC130 57510001-A/2 3BSE008538R1
DSBB104 57310256-AV/1 DSTC131A 57510001-BT/2 TU841
DSTK153 26390603-G DSTC160 57520001-Z/1 AI810
DSTK176 26390603-AZ DSTA121 57120001-E/2 TB840A
DSPC172 DSTD110A 57160001-TZ/1 AI830A
DSCA125A DSTD150A 57160001-UH/1 DI810
DSCA180A DSTC120 57520001-A/2 DO810
DSBC172 DSTC110 57520001-K/2 AO810V2
DSRF180A 57310255-AV DSTC190 57520001-ER TU810V1
DSSB140 48980001-P DSTA160 57120001-AH/1 EI803F
DSPB120 DSTC160 57520001-Z/1 FI830F
DSCS116 DSTV110 57350001-A FI820F

1.What P/N it's?
It's DASD147 3ASC485514E19 of ABB brand
2.What about the warranty?
All products have a 1 year warranty.
3. What is the delivery time?
Usually 1-3 Working Days
4.How about the shipment?
We can arrange shipments at competitive prices such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT,  etc. 
5.What are the payment terms?
Generally, T/T, Credit Card and Western Union are also accepted.
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    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.