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HONEYWELL CC-PDIS01 51405042-175 Module

HONEYWELL CC-PDIS01 51405042-175 Module

Brand New Original module CC-PDIS01 51405042-175

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    CC-PDIS01 51405042-175
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Brand New Original module CC-PDIS01 51405042-175


The C300 controller directly integrates with ISA100 wireless field devices. Any of the parameters from the wireless devices can be directly used in a control strategy like any other conventional I/O. The configuration of the Wireless Device Manager hardware module and the wireless devices is carried out from the same control builder like any other conventional I/O module or Fieldbus device. This allows complete operational Integration of the wireless technology with the ability to monitor, view and manipulate process data from wireless devices, and view wireless device alarms and events.

Transparent Integration of Smart Field Devices The C300 controller transparently integrates FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, HART® , and Profibus® devices into the CEE. Fieldbus and Profibus data and control blocks can be seamlessly integrated with C300-based control strategies through the Fieldbus Interface Module or the Profibus Gateway Module, allowing users to take advantage of the rich set of diagnostic and field data available from intelligent devices. When HART devices are used with the C300, HART digital information is available in C300 control strategies and is passed through to the operator interface and asset management applications, such as Honeywell‟s Field Device Manager application and Asset Manager. 

Series Modules 

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TK-PPD011 51309241-175/51204142-100
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TK-PRR021 51309288-275/51309283-300
TK-PRS021 51404305-275/51309283-200
MC-TD0R22 51309150-175
DC-TFB412 51307618-176
8C-PAOHA1 51454469-275
8C-PAIMA1 51454473-175
8C-PCNT02 51454363-275
MC-TAMR04 51305907-175

HONEYWELL CC-PDIL01 51405040-175

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